mere eye.  Chapbook Fellowship Award (selected and introduced by poet D.A. Powell), Poetry Society of America, 2013

SELECTED POEMS      (Complete list available upon request.)

Creation Myth.  Plume Poetry, forthcoming

Conversations with Death.  Narrative Magazine, forthcoming

The gap between.  Plume Poetry, Issue 67

Villanelle.  Narrative Magazine  Poem of the Week, January 2017

I Am the Perennial Head of this One-Person Subcutaneous Wrecking Crew.  The Paris Review, Summer 2016 Issue

The Fear.  The Saint Ann’s Review, Fall 2015 Issue

How Long Now Since the Mailman’s Gone Missing?  The Baffler, Issue 27

Formal Proof That the Universe Is Neither Cruel Nor Kind, and That This Is the Greatest Conceivable Horror.  Harvard Review  online

Arpeggio Progression in Missing Key; Full Rhymes To Live (More Fully) By; Inventory; The Spare Room; The Suicide Bomber’s Song, Minutes Before. Narrative Magazine, Winter 2015 Issue (2014 Narrative 30 Below Contest First Place Winner)

An Exchange; And it came to pass; Biology; In the Valley of the Choice Vine; We’re Human, All of Us Girls, and We’re Young; Whose Hands.  Unsaid, Issue 7

Penance.  Ploughshares, Issue 117 (guest-edited by Nick Flynn)

Nth Sunday in Ordinary Time; No News Today; The Insider; The Preservers.  The Literary Review, "The Lives of the Saints" Issue

In August; Table of Primordial Elements; Three-Piece Rain Haiku; Views from Thingèd Surface; where Olivia’d gone.  Unsaid, Issue 6

5 Revelation Loop Apt 5L; Flower Shop.  The Broome Street Review, Issue 4

Triptych.  The Wolf, Issue 24

Formal Proof That Right Now You Are Standing In a Puddle, Thinking About me.  Perigee: Publication for the Arts, Issue 28

Hapax Legomenon.  Black Clock, Issue 11

Doss House; Prophecy.  Unsaid, Issue 4



magus.  Plume Anthology of Poetry 5,  MadHat Press, February 2017







We Are Purveyors of the Absolute Vacuum; Pay What You Owe Me and Vomit What You Ate.  Why I Am Not a Painter, Argos Books