Danielle Blau's poem "A Suicide Bomber (Twelve Seconds To Go) Beholds the Teeming Marketplace and Foresees His Death" [originally published in Narrative Magazine as "The Suicide Bomber's Song, Minutes Before"]

“[Danielle Blau's] world is also our world, with all our modern concerns. Her poems are not escapes into the past or into the cobwebby interiors of language, and it is this that excites me most about her poems—the way she reminds us that to inhabit the imagination is to fully engage with the world. And that what's flat and dreary and wrong about our culture is its refusal and inability to live imaginatively like this, like these poems do. Danielle takes up Shelley's call for a powerful, activist imagination, as when he says, 'A man, to be greatly good, must imagine intensely and comprehensively; he must put himself in the place of another and many others.' It is through lack of this that our culture is dreary, and it is because of this that Danielle's poems are exciting.” 

Matthew Rohrer  


"Danielle Blau's mere eye is a collection of collapsed time, filtered light and compiled images writ against the formless void in cinematic sequencing which foregrounds the presence of the artistic mind. Blau imprints the investigative act of composition with stylistic flourishes.... The effect of this elaborately expressive mode of aestheticism is to remind us how much the raw power of imagination gives shape to poetry.... Blau's work is, like Coleridge's, capricious.... Grief, love, joy and utter wildness permeate every line. Underneath the style throbs a human heart.... This is not merely art in the service of art. It is art in service of compassion. It is life writ large.”

D.A. Powell


Berl's Poetry Shop (NY), June 11, 2017 - clips of Danielle Blau's poem "The Fear" (full poem published in The Saint Ann's Review Winter 2016/ Fall 2015 Issue)

(Blau's "Arpeggio Progression in Missing Key" can be read here in Narrative Magazine)

(Blau's poem "How Long Now Since the Mailman's Gone Missing?" originally appeared in The Baffler and can be read here)

"Blau can take any object and make it intriguing, even magical, with her unwavering attention and lyrical way of hearing and seeing."

David McLendon, founding editor of Unsaid Magazine


"[David Cieri and Danielle Blau] present challenging minimalist music with poetry... [that is] interesting and intense... [and] that draws you in with a welcome focus."

Jeffrey James, SoundWordSight Magazine review of Carnegie Hall performance, May 2016


"[Danielle Blau's short story] 'Growth' is so lush and elegant as to boggle the mind."

—Roxane Gay

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Blau’s Rhyme or Reason: Poets, Philosophers, and the Problem of Being Here Now is forthcoming from W.W. Norton.  Her collection mere eye was selected for a Poetry Society of America Chapbook Award and published in 2013 with an introduction by poet D.A. Powell, and her poems won first place in the 2015 multi-genre Narrative 30 Below Contest.  Poetry, short stories, articles, and interviews by Danielle Blau can be found in such publications as The Atlantic online, The BafflerThe Harvard ReviewThe Literary Review, Narrative Magazine, The New Yorker’s book blog, The Paris Review, PloughsharesPlume Poetry, The Saint Ann’s Review, The Wolf, the Argos Books poetry anthology Why I Am Not a Painter, and multiple volumes of the Plume Anthology of Poetry.  A graduate of Brown University with an honors degree in philosophy, and of NYU with an MFA in poetry, she curates and hosts the monthly Gavagai Music + Reading Series, and teaches at Hunter College.